Evil Girlfriend Experience

Do you have an event at work and want Me to take you down a peg

or two from the mask you have to wear as a professional shark?
Is it your fantasy to take Me shopping and be My bag-carrying ATM?

Do you want to kneel in front of Me and put Me on every

high-heeled shoe on sale to see which ones I like?
Do you dream of the day when My foot busts your balls below the table

while the waitress asks you if you would like more wine,

only to later send you off to the toilet to have a wank?
Have you been invited to a friend's wedding and it turns you on to be insulted

and spat in your mouth by Me while they look elsewhere?
Would you like to simply enjoy a nice walk while we get to know each other

and I make you clear how superior I am compared with you?

  After countless conversations with all types of people I have easily come to the conclusion that submissives failing to find a dominant — and respectful — figure in their partner will feel — in the best-case scenario — deeply frustrated sexually and struggle with that issue the best they can.

  But in the worst-case scenario their partner may tend — aware o unaware of it — towards giving free rein to inconsiderate behaviour such as despotism and subjugation, deception and humiliation, abuse of power within the dynamic of their relationship, etc — all of it very unhealthy in a peer-to-peer, respect-based relationship.
 Since I joined the BDSM world I have heard people say things like:
"I have been through a relationship where they didn't respect me and I'm ashamed to confess that it turned me on"; I'm sure my ex cheated on me but I never said anything because I was fascinated by the fact of being aware they were with a better alpha than me"; or "I've been treated like shit because I looked for it and allowed it unconsciously." These things I have heard too many times so as not to provide a healthy, safe and mutually agreed alternative. I have been treating my best submissives this way for years — and I am now offering such a privilege to you.


The Evil Girlfriend Experience consists of a dynamic typical of a standard relationship (friendship, partnership) with the Dominant component previously agreed and in places that are different from those of a conventional session in a dungeon. This component, which is discussed in advance, entails techniques such as humiliation (public/private), teasing and flirting through manipulation, taking control of your actions, FinDom, verbal abuse, perhaps some spanking if you do not act the way I like.

The place and situations may vary as much as the limits we set: eating in a restaurant, going for a walk around the city, shopping at a store or a shopping centre, going to an event with you, etc.

  • First hour

  • Second hour

  • Third and beyond






(variable depending on the arranged plan)

The Evil Girlfriend Experience:

  • It is a very personal experience: before we set an arrangement I will ask you to give me context, tell me what you like, your limits, what you would like to achieve from the experience, etc.

  • It does NOT end in sex.

  • I will only go to public places, never to your home/hotel/private place.

  • Remember we will be in a public place, neither I nor you will do anything that may result in public scandal.

  • No appointment will be arranged without a previous warranty deposit.

  • This is not for everybody, if I don't get a good vibe from you there won't be any appointment and you have no right to ask for any explication.

  • Yes, it costs a lot of money. No, I will not make you any discount just because you are who you are. Yes, I do not care if you cannot afford it. Yes, I prefer to stay at home peacefully rather than meeting a bargainer.