This game demands responsability and honesty by both parties.

I don't intend to abuse you.

I'm not a despot Mistress, I respect my slaves. I'm considerate of each of them personal needs, and I enjoy seeing them pleased. 

Sometimes I like to confuse you, tease you and show you who's the boss, but you can always trust in my moral integrity.

I take care of my slaves with the same kindness I take care of the rest of my personal objects.

There are two things I will not tolerate on your behavior:

* You'll never reject money to your children, wife or pet. I'm not like that, and I don't want you to be.

You'll never give me the leftovers of the month.

This is about you making an effort, you depriving yourself of something in order to giving it to me and please me

I don't want you to ask for or take away it from others, and I don't want leftovers neither.

Before you commit think well what you can get for me.

This involves renouncing your cravings or choosing a cheaper menu in exchange for hearing my laugh at the other end of the line, having a look at my feet or subduing in a session under my hand.

Tributes and gifts  can be sent as:

  • Verse Payments

  • PayPal Payments

  • Amazon Gift Cards