60min 200€/90min 280€/120min 350€


I offer you a customized FemDom session for you to explore new horizons in BDSM.

I will perfectly combine sweetness with authority, easing with adrenaline, and care with pain.

You will be in my hands, and will enjoy the FemDom cocktail I have designed for you.

Before the session we'll dedicate a few minutes to prepare it: you have to complete my questionnaire beforehand, so I can study your personal needs as a sub.

You will select the practices you are interested in, and will be able to tell me about your preferences, limits and own ideas or fantasies.

You can complete it online here:

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Don't complete the questionnaire if I didn't ask you to before.

I don't need a pile of orphan questionnaires 

Would you like to do anything my questionnaire doesn't show?

Do you have any fantasy, idea or fetish?

Would you like to meet me wearing any specific clothes?

Tell it to me; I will consider it and we can reach an agreement.

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