About me

I think communication is the most important point in this kind of relationships, so the next clarifications are pretty meaningful if you want to hire my services.

You need an appointment.

It's almost impossible for me to assist you on the same day. Get your appointment as early as possible. 

There is no appointment with no questionnaire.

* Don't try to change my mind about my limits or bargain the tributes.

Lacks of respect and impertinences like those will get you out of my dungeon.

* If I award you some final, it will be invariably handjob or footjob, if you are looking for penetration or oral sex this is not the place.

* I don't take phone calls, so text or email me.

* I will not under any circumstances allow alcohol or drugs.

* Communicate yourself: tell me if you have any tickles, if you can't stand too much weight on your back, if you'd like me to meet you with streetwear...

Whatever you say will help me to do that you can make the most out of the experience.

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